A Dungeons and Dragons 4E campaign using the WotC Modules

It has been 220 years since the Drow Gate War splintered the Western Kingdoms. Once-mighty empires shrank as their populations were decimated. Those lands far from the cores of these kingdoms found themselves abandoned. One such settlement is Fallcrest.

However, a new dawn has risen over the land, and the reluctant bastions of civilization are tentativly reaching out to one another. Lying between the remains of two former world powers, the eladrin and elven heartland, and the Hammerfast Dwarves. Fallcrest and its surrounding villages stand to become a vital crossroads once more, provided that the forces of chaos and evil can be displaced from the wilds.

Into this conflict are thrown 5 heroes who seek to make their fortune. Will they find fame and fortune, or be engulfed by the Shadows Reborn?

Feel free to browse the Shadows Reborn Wiki. Details known to the party can be found there.

NOTE- campaign site currently under construction- the campaign is on hiatus while the group’s primary DM takes a turn. Until then, updates may be sporadic.

4E Shadows Reborn