Bullywug statistics can be found in the Monster Manual 2. Bullywugs are amphibious froglike humanoids known to live in the deep swamps of Eladra. Devoted to Ramenos- an abyssal being of sloth and consumption- they tend to be blights on the regions they inhabit, and are loathed by most nature-loving races and peoples.

Bullywugs came to dominate much of the realm of Eladra after the Planar Exile began, though small tribal groups maintained small swampy enclaves across the continent. When the Exile ended, the returned eladrin began scouring the land of creatures like the bullywugs, causing a mass exodus. Now the pests can be found almost anywhere.

Bullywugs are tribal demon worshipers. They beleive that once the world is consumed and used up, Ramenos will recreate the world as a utopia only for them. As such, they believe in using without replanting or restoring; in klilling but not saving.


In addition to the swamp-dwelling bullywugs, a taod-like variant exists in the desert wastelands separating the east and west. Despite the difference in locale, they share their cousin’s disdain for conservation.

Playing a bullywug.

As a humanoid race of small to medium size, the bullywug is included in the MM2 and the Charcter Builder as a playable race. Having few advantages and being gerenally thought of as worthless pests, these creatures make poor PCs despite having rules for such.


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