There have always been doppelgangers living in Vitaria’s lands. In ancient tales, they are considered monsters or villains, but most have simply lived unnoticed among a host community, using their abilities to blend in as one of the locals. In rare cases, colonies of dopplegangers could be found in remote areas, often sneaking into surrounding towns and villages to steal supplies and goods.

Leading up to the Drow Gate War, one such colony populated Firestorm Peak. The aberrant gate located ther, open to the Far Realm’s twisted energies, caused the colony to suffer terrible warping and unintentional form shifts. Unable to reach the gate and shut it down, they were forced to leave. The descendants of this group have- after a disastrous policy of infiltration and kidnapping- decided to live openly so as to reduce the level distrust they had gained. They call themselves Changelings, rather than the more sinister sounding Doppleganger nomenclature.

Changelings can live openly or as members of other races, though they do risk discovery if their adopted race’s abilities do not seem to be present. For this reason, most that take a new form take a human form, as the diversity of ability among humans makes the lack of any particular ability less noticeable.

Source: PH2


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