Long ago, in ages of myth, the original people of Vitaria were enslaved by the reptilian crations of Tiamat- the first dragons. The footsoldiers of the draconic force were the Dragonborn. While there were {{Moradine]] free, they marched in conquest. Where the Moradine were enslaved, they stood guard against rebellion.

When [[Goebbe} finally rose up and killed one of the dragons, the army flatered, and the dragonborn were scattered as their draconic masters fled and the army crumbled. Facing the wrath of the angry Goebbe and his followers gathered under the banner of Bahamut, they tried to flee. Some escaped, but for every one that did, ten were cut down.

For mellenia, dragonborn have skulked in the corners of the world, afraid to show themselves. Then the Drow Gate War boiled up, and the drow tunnel forces threatened the hidden refuges of the dragonborn. They fought back under the leadership of Argoness, who had been given a vision of Bahamut and made into an invoker of the Platinum Dragon. The parallels to Goebb’s rise were noticed by the rest of the dragonborn, and they joined Argoness against the drow.

After defeating their foes, the Dragonborn pressed on, and soon were fighting the front-lines of the awar. Initially distrusted, the race was welcomed back when their sudden numbers turned out to be just enough to turn the tide.

Now, centuries after the war, the Drgonborn have integrated into the civilization of Vitaria quite well. Few races have a long enough memory to hold the draconic domination of the past against them, and their rallying to the surface races has led to perception of honor and respect among dragonborn, though the race still has a less reputable element within it. The inherent presence of the dragonborn makes them excellent leaders of bandits and adventuring parties.


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