An ancient and proud race, the Dwarves are the closest living relatives fo the Original children of Morad, the Moradine. Over melinnia, the set of clans known as the Derev evolved into the dwarves as we know them.

The Derev contained most of the priest caste and many of the noble houses in the Goebliss empire. When the elves first arrived in Vitaria, it was the Derev who listened to Moradin’s counsel of patience and diplomacy and formed the first and strongest bonds with the elves. Other Goebliss clans refused and challenged the elves, turning to Maglubiyet when Moradin tried to chastise them- these become the Goblinoids. Other clans remained loyal, but took separate paths, becomeing the gnome and halfling races. At this point, the Darev were now a separate race and culture.

After coexiting with the elves long enough to produce offspring with them (the human race), the Darev began to bicker and argue with the elves over how to handle their short-lived offsrping. This argument led to fighting, and skirmishes became a war that has forever riven the trust of the two races. By the time the war ended, humanity had multiplied and become the dominat race on Vitaria. Unable to deal with this change, the Darev retreated into the mountains and dug deepm homes for themselves, far from their troubling children and the wounds between them and the elves.

However, they dug too deep. The Darev uncovered a pocket of Primordial Essence from the Primordial War and unleashed from it the plague known as the Destroyers. These beasts of fire and shadow were eventually destroyed, but at great cost. Where one clan had stood united, the Darev were now shattered into fragments. Now several types of dwarves exist:

  • Alpine Dwarves- Living in the alpine reaches of the lesserArgentyr mountains, these dwarves are equally at home among the frigid mountain passes as they are inside the mountains themselves. These dwarves use standard PH stats
  • Duergar- Hard pressed by the Destroyers, One clan of the Darev made pacts with evils to survive. Corrupted by this alliance, they are now considered as much foes of the dwarves as they are a major clan. An offsring of this clan, the Derro, instead made pacts with alien abberrations in the far deeps, and are prone to madness.


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