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Campaign Basics

This campaign uses the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition game system. Most core rules and rulebooks are included, with just a few exceptions.

It takes place on Vitaria, a Homebrew world that has been a work in progress since 2nd edition. Along the way, several refinements and changes have been made. This made some sort of setting guide necessary.

The wiki is divided into 3 sections. First is the Setting Compendium, in which descriptions of Homebrew items and adaptations of core material to Vitartia are discussed.

Next comes the Campaign Recap, including session recpaps, NPCs and other info more appropriate to an adventure than to an entire campaign setting.

Lastly there is a DM only section with remnders for myself regarding future plots and customizations of the modules. As implied, only the DM will be able to utilize these areas

Setting Compendium:
  1. History of Vitaria
  2. People of Vitaria
  3. Nations of Vitaria
  4. Classes of Vitaria
  5. Magic of Vitaria
Campaign Recap
  1. Rules issues
  2. H1- Keep on the Shadowfell
  3. H2- Thunderspire Labyrinth

Main Page

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